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boot camp

Do you know who wrote the plan for the first boot camp training and spartan center in Iran and where it was implemented?

This open training camp was presented for the first time by Elham Farahmand and was started by the officials of Arg Jadid Hotel, especially Engineer Hossein Azadi (then a member of the city council) and Mr. Farzad Ebrahimzadeh, the director of Arg Jadid Hotel, in an area of ​​3,000 meters.

When I had a pink club (rented basement on Taravat Boulevard in Yazd), I always thought that we are not a club, we are a club and a sports club should not be built in the basement, and looking at most of the clubs that operated in the basement, it really makes sense. I was not well

Most of the time, at sunset, I would go up the club stairs and watch the sunset, which was towards the crypt and the new Citadel Hotel, and I think watching the sunrise and sunset keeps one awake.

Most of the time, at sunset, I would go up the stairs of the club and watch the sunset, which was towards the crypt and the new Arg Hotel. I think watching the sunrise and sunset keeps a person awake. I do not remember as a child that darkness, even a slight darkness, makes me feel good. The sun is something else. I wished to have an outdoor sports complex and started studying in this field and came across the name of Boot Camp and Spartan and prepared several volumes of original language books with the help of my dear friend Dr. Asgari, who currently lives in France.

And I prepared the PowerPoints and course titles and sent them to Dr. Mirzamani, who was a member of the Academy of Public Sports at that time, and the boot camp committee was supposed to start with the name of Hybrid …

Two short sentences were and are supposed to be meaningless … what happened (I did not miss anything)

Read the story of how I decided to write a plan and start a boot camp at the new Arg Hotel in Yazd in my book (with the title for his hands, which will be posted on the site as soon as it is published).

But the plan was written and Engineer Azadi accepted the plan, Mr. Ebrahimzadeh agreed and Engineer Mohammad Ali Mehdinejad started the plan, and finally one beautiful summer day when the mothers were disturbed by the presence of their children in the boxes at home, the beautiful door of the boot camp was opened, the children there They ran, my son shouted God’s children in the rain, my friends drank tea and coffee there and I sat in the sun and thank God that my wish came true … Corona came and I did not miss anything.

Yazd Province Public Sports Board – President of the Iranian Public Sports Federation visits Yazd Boot Camp complex (