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Football and Futsal

Elham Farahmand is a futsal instructor of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and holds an A football degree from the Asian Football Confederation.

Football taught me a life of progress and growth.

Football taught me counter-attack and logical defense, and as Master Morteza Mohasses and Master Nader Arabi (I love you) taught me. I took everything I needed for my teaching career from the football field.

The services I have rendered to the Football Federation to date are still not a part of my debt to this federation. I found myself through the training of the football federation. Well, it was a ten-year course and it took me almost ten years to become a coach with an A degree. I can say that all the next stages of my sports life and learning were subject to these courses. I could not be prominent if I did not follow the path of football.

In most of the federations of the country, I have participated now either as a participant or as a teacher or intern. For me, it was like looking at a distance with the eyes of a giraffe, so surely the other federations could not see such a distant horizon …

The professors who taught me how to teach as a special teacher were Professor Morteza Mohasses, Professor Nader Arabi, Professor Yazdkhasti, and Professor Sharifi. There was an academy, not a committee! All the training was logical, well-planned and well-written, and that made football the mother of my training when I walked in the fields of fitness and other styles, and it was wonderful. It ‘s still 7 o’clock when I teach and I’m standing on the grass of the football academy and the ruling order is leading me to success.

Elham Farahmand teaches football and futsal