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Gym Stick

Do you know who was the first person to start Jim Stick training style in Iran and the second Asian country after Australia?

A bar and a spindle!

It may seem easy, but in fact, practicing with this colorful little device is much more complicated than you think.

The first person to accompany me on this journey was Sara Ahanchi.

We decided to take a step, we needed tools because studies based on theoretical knowledge are only part of the work and the other half of the work that was completed was more troublesome. The tool was sent to us by Sarah’s twin sister from Canada.

At that time, Shahram Alam was the president of the Physical Fitness Association and he fully cooperated with us. The first national workshop was held in Mashhad with the presence of representatives of the provinces. held.

I announced my opinion for two consecutive years to announce Sara Ahanchi as the chair of the Kango Jump Committee of the country and I wrote letters to the federation many times. I sent Emble and repeatedly, in person and in absentia, I insisted on the decision for the excellent and logical development of gymnastics, but in the end …

There is no explanation for this story …

Being an entrepreneur suffers in underdeveloped countries …