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Kangoo Jump

Do you know who was the first person to start practicing Kango Jump in Iran and the third Asian country (after Dubai and Turkey)?

In 2013, Elham Farahmand introduced this training style to the Physical Fitness Association headed by Mr. Valiollah Salehnia and held the first theory workshop in 1991 in the western part of Tehran.

Then, while, as usual, the Federation of Public Sports was moving people with new people, Elham Farahmand continued to develop the field by trying to follow up and translate articles and obtain more information.

With the cooperation of loved ones such as Zeinab Heidari, Maryam Musa Ali and Solmaz Abolghasemian as officials of the Tehran KangoJump Committee and the presence of Ms. Valeria Fatehi, the first KangoJamp theoretical and practical class with 33 provincial representatives from all over the country hosted by Yazd Public Sports Board and Club A ceremony was held under the management of Elham Farahmand and with the simultaneous teaching of Elham Farahmand and Valeria Fatehi.

The second class was held in Tehran under the supervision of the Tehran Public Sports Board under the tutelage of Elham Farahmand (Chairman of the National Committee). One week later, with the follow-up done by Mr. Mehdi Fatehi (representative of Fateh Company) and the first importer of KangoJamp shoes and Mr. Farahmando, Mr. Ali Ashrafi, then Secretary of the KangoJamp Committee, the first KangoJamp International Course was held in the presence of Ms. Maya Zidan from Lebanon was hosted by Allameh Tabatabai in Tehran.

I am very interested in experiencing new things and if I do not have another chance to live, I will not regret for a moment the life I have had. I felt, felt and benefited from everything I saw in the course of my life in that moment. Yazd activists came to the office for advice and after a short question and answer, they asked me, “Do you have a Congo in your country?”

And at first I did not understand exactly what this lady was referring to, so I asked her to write her name on a piece of paper for me, and after returning home for the same sense of adventure until about four o’clock in the morning on the Internet articles and the whole background and history of this I studied, saved and translated a little bit. There was no history of this field in Iran … This was the beginning of the story. A Romanian woman mentioned only one word, which was the beginning of an adventurous path for me, and I also love such trips. …

I have been interested in searching since I was a child and I have always nurtured it and it has caused a lot of trouble for those around me because many of them are interested in living in a small cage. After my return from Tehran and the excellent reflection of the class, the applicants for the KangoJump courses increased very quickly, and at the same time I was completing my studies on strengthening and stretching the deep muscles simultaneously and its effect on reducing pain from repetitive movements of daily life through gymnastics tools. And I was quite aware of the presence of some capable participants in the Congo Jumps classes

Therefore, I announced to the federation that in the next courses I will use new teachers to teach KangoJamp (I was the first in KangoJamp but I was not the best). They were the first people to participate in KangoJump courses and were among the best aerobics and horses in Iran, and they were completely fluent in designing KangoJump movements and teaching.

In 1397, Elham Farahmand was removed from the Congo Jump Committee due to personal disputes

I did not lose anything, my precious treasure was the people who attended the classes and trusted me and I learned a lot from them …

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