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Every human being is born for a dream ...

Being happy is preferable to being fit, which means that we must first improve our brain and soul, then go to our fitness, gender and appearance.We are in happygirafit focus is on being happy and then being fit

About Elham Farahmand

University teaching background

Since 2006, I have been teaching specialized futsal courses and general physical fitness courses one and two.

Football and futsal

I am a futsal instructor and coach of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and have an A coaching degree.

Anatomical Fitness

To reach a high level in coaching you need to know the principles of anatomy to design an exercise.

Kango Jump

For the first time in Iran (third in Asia), I started practicing Kango Jump.

Gym Stick

For the first time in Iran (second time in Asia) I started Gym Stick training style.

Boot Camp

I came up with the idea of setting up training boot camps and holding the first open training camp in Iran.


The design of the first Spartan center in Iran was given by me and was done in collaboration with the new Arg Hotel in Yazd.

Psychology (CBT)

Two great techniques to help clients to facilitate problems and overcome life crises by the clients themselves.

Why HappyGiraFit?!

Long neck

The height of the giraffe's neck is a sign of his wide vision and foresight, it is a symbol of considering and predicting the consequences of his behavior and speech.

Leg height

The height of the giraffe's legs is a symbol of moving and progressing towards desires and desires, and not despair and weakness.

Big heart

The giraffe has the strongest and one of the largest hearts among animals, which is a sign of power and attention to feeling and need and emotion.


The powerful saliva of the giraffe that crushes the thorns and thistles of trees is a symbol of tolerance for hearing any useless and unpleasant words.

Powerful legs

The giraffe's powerful legs can throw the lion up to a few meters and symbolize supportive power and prevent injury.

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