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Personal training

Do you know who is the representative of the IFA Association in Asia, which is an online organizer of personal training and other sports courses in Asia?

In 2017, Elham Farahmand translated the official book of this institute into Shirin Farsi language and the book was placed on the site as the third language after being reviewed by the IFA team. Before that, only English and Spanish books were available, and after 2017, the official book of this The association was translated into seven other living languages and posted on the site.

The first in-person training course of this association was held in 2019 by Elham Farahmand (IFA official instructor) in Yazd with the presence of 17 participants. The second and third courses were held in 2019 and 2020 with excellent quality. And registration for new courses will continue through this site.

I always thought of being international. One night I told my wife that I would finally become an international trainer and teach. Of course, I can not say that you did not laugh because some things are strange to those around us, but for those of us who were created with potential and quality, I emailed and it was less than half an hour. I received … he was asleep … I woke him up and showed him the e-mail … if everyone gave up on their dreams, I am not that person … I never want to be that person …

News link of Elham Farahmand international courses taught for IFA Association

ELHAM IFA Fitness Certification Seminar Photos