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Do you know who is the first official coach of Spartan Iran and who was the first team sent to the official competitions of Spartan?

Between 2017 and 2018, we traveled with the team three times, brought souvenirs, got acquainted with cultures, ran with children who watched the world with their sharp eyes, and in the end we did not miss anything.

Next match We increased our number This match was held in Oman

Amir Arabanian, Fatemeh Dehghan Dehnavi, Alireza Tavakoli, Forough Shakiba, Solmaz Abolghasemian, Soraya Asgari, Farzaneh Ghotbizadeh, Valham Farahmand

Finally, our last competition in Oman was attended by both children and adults, and our number was more than ever, and Elham Farahmand and Maryam Amrollahi participated in these competitions as judges.

Hoda Kahdavi, Samaneh Samadi, Golnaz Mirasmaili, Zoya, Soraya Askari, Reyhaneh Ebrahimpour, Amir Arabanian, the participating children were Mohammad Saleh Fadavi, Kian Amrollahi, Arya Amrollahi, Sepehsalari

In 2018, I participated in the first Spartan coaching course, which was held specifically for the MENA REJON or the Middle East and North Africa, and my qualifications were approved by the organization in question. I became an international Spartan.

I met a lot of friends from other countries during this period. What bothered me, and still, after a long time, sometimes made me feel sad: why is my country running away from English?

The instructor of this course was a 26-year-old American young man who was talented and fluent in what he had to offer. I listened well so that I could catch up with the sentences he said quickly, and when I returned to my room, I cried for two hours …

I spent two whole days in the hotel and just thought, am I here to coach Sparta? My answer was no. A big no. I was there for something more to find out if I was a follower or a creator.

I came back and shortly after that in Azar 99, I deactivated my Instagram …

I was a Spartan coach and an official representative of Spartan development in the country where I lived, but did I have the ability for IRNA to give up my dreams and try for another brand … I was not that person …