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University teaching background

In 2006, after graduating from the University of Isfahan, I started teaching specialized futsal courses and general physical fitness courses one and two at Yazd University with the guidance and support of the great professor Hossein Akbarzadeh, director of the physical education department at Yazd University. Later, teaching at Payame Noor University, Yazd and Taft branches, teaching at Taft Azad University in specialized courses of the Department of Physical Education, teaching at the University of Applied Sciences of the Workers’ House branch became my teaching records and attending the educational system of my Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

My teaching at Yazd University has always been marginal. Because instead of reading the repetitive lullabies of books, I taught children to jump even with broken wings. According to my habit or lifestyle choice, it is better to say that I do not like taking orders from a system rather than a system.

If I am going to share the knowledge I have learned with a student, then what about my personal analysis of that knowledge?

I once read somewhere that a teacher who does not have a fire in himself cannot warm his students. I am glad that my students are shining all over the country and I am proud that in the system many friends were trying to destroy us but they could never put out the fire inside us and the reason is clear that the fire was lit by God Almighty and extinguished by him. May be. Almost ten years after the fringes they created for me at Yazd University, I was invited to work again and teach, but teaching at the university level no longer satisfied me, and I somehow felt that I no longer belonged there.

The world is a big place. I am not interested in living in a box, although the world itself is a box, but I would rather run in a big box than walk in a small box …

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.